Last Days Living

Are we living near the end of the last days spoken of in the Bible?

It sure seems so. With the advent of advanced communications technology, world events are readable/seeable in real-time on our telephones. Wow!

For students of God’s Word it seems clear that the world stage is being set for the fulfillment of some very large biblical prophecies concerning middle eastern nations.
These things – along with the glut of information available to us on almost any topic 24/7 – are overwhelming. “News-junkies” can’t hide from the “substance” to which they are addicted.
As disciples of Christ, what can we do? I don’t mean about any particular subject. I mean what can we do with regards to living for Christ in the maelstrom of world events that sometimes make us feel that we are drowning in a sea of news?

Or as has been better stated: “How shall we then live?”

The Apostle Peter, wrote this for us: 2Peter 3:1-18
I’d copy the verses here, but I believe it’s better that you look them up & read them for yourself. Here I will only post some of the highlights.
Knowing that the earth will one day be judged by God, it’s clear what type of people we ought to be in our manner of living.

  • Holy in conduct.
  • Earnestly looking for the coming of the day of God. Waiting in excited anticipation for His return.
  • Being diligent to live in such a way that when He comes, we are at peace with Him.
  • Without spot or blemish.
  • Blameless. Not perfect, but repentant & forgiven.
  • Always keeping in mind that our salvation is a result of Jesus’ suffering, as Paul wrote.
  • Therefore, being made aware of these things ahead of time, be on your guard against being led away with the same error of the wicked & falling from being steadfastly faithful in your commitment to live for the Lord.
  • To that end, grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ.

According to the Bible, the “last days” have been since at least the time when the book of Hebrews was written in the 1st century AD. See Hebrews 1:1-2
Even though we don’t know when the “last days” will end, we do know that we are about 2,000 years closer to that unknowable end.
With that in mind, and knowing that Peter exhorted the Christians of the 1st century to live as if the Lord would return in their lifetimes, should we not live in that same manner?
In His Hands, Pastor Fran